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Who We Are

It is our mission to facilitate an environment that nurtures, develops, and educates the whole child. Our philosophy incorporates the idea that all children are unique individuals and should be respected as such. Our vision combines our mission and philosophy so that we exceed the requirements of the Texas state minimum standards. Our program is committed to providing an authentic education. Bright Beginnings is a Texas School Readiness Facility. It is our belief that this method addresses each of the components essential to creating a love of learning as well as respect for oneself, others, and the environment. Creative Curriculum and Frog Street curriculum are used in our classrooms. We recognize that the early childhood setting tends to be a child's first community or environment of relationships outside of the home. For that reason, Bright Beginnings is committed to creating an atmosphere where children experience warm, loving, and stable relationships- which research has shown to be the foundation for learning. Furthermore, we believe that the family consists of the most significant adults in a child's life. We believe that it takes the cooperation and partnership between the home and school to help the child meet developmental and learning milestones. We support our teachers and families with ongoing training and resources. We strive to create and maintain positive partnerships for the benefit of the child.

What We Do

Bright Beginnings is committed to providing an environment that nurtures the whole child. Our organization takes pride in providing high quality care that focuses on challenging and stimulating the intellect, and implementing hands on earth friendly and healthy living practices. It is our belief that a program which focuses on these components further enhances the lives of its children, their families, and ultimately the community; creating an experience that is unique and unlike most other programs.


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